5 reasons I love the ubbi

5 reasons I love the ubbi

I have been planning on writing a review on the Ubbi since I first bought it and I had the pleasure of dealing with their customer service department.  As a consumer, I don’t expect things to be perfect, but I do expect them to be acknowledged and corrected.  There is far too much competition for businesses to ignore their customer and I have great confidence in ubbi succeeding based on their level of attention to the customer experience.  I had purchased an Ubbi and after a short period of use, the rubber seal or gasket came loose.  I emailed the customer service department and without any questions asked, a new one was on its way to my home that very same day.  I received emails keeping me updated on its whereabouts and friendly follow-ups to ensure I was satisfied.  After giving it another chance and seeing how well the Ubbi functioned for our needs, I purchased a second one!  We now use one for disposable (which we use at night) and other nursery generated garbage and one for cloth diapers and cloth wipes.  If you are left scratching your head, still wondering what the heck an Ubbi is, it’s a diaper pail…kind of like a diaper genie but with some unique features that I thought I’d share.

Double ubbi duty at the diapering station

1) No refills required –  The Ubbi works with ease using any kind of plastic bag whether it be a kitchen garbage bag or an old grocery bag.  I like the idea of reusing plastic bags and not having to think about the packaging related to refills…not to mention the cost savings. We took every chance we could to eliminate baby related consumables and this is a great example.

2) Cloth diaper friendly – When I said you can use any kind of bag I wasn’t kidding!  Even a wet bag used for storing dirty cloth diapers can be used with the Ubbi.  You can purchase a drawstring wet bag from Ubbi for this purpose but our apple cheeks wet bag works just fine.

3)  Capacity – The Ubbi’s capacity is also noteworthy.  It will hold at least a weeks worth of cloth diapers which works perfect with our washing schedule.

4) Powder coated steel –   After chatting with parents and reading reviews, I’ve learned that plastic storage receptacles overtime will absorb odours creating a stench that cannot be remedied.  I experienced this myself when I used a plastic step garbage can with a wet bag inside…boy oh boy that plastic reeked!  The Ubbi is made with powder coated steel so it doesn’t absorb odours. It cleans easily with soap and water but I usually give it a wipe down with Lysol once a month to disinfect it.  Now keep in mind that when you do slide the lid open to add a fresh diaper, you might get a whiff of its contents but it’s really quite minimal.  I don’t think it’s possible to eliminate every ounce of smell at all times when you are dealing with diapers regardless of the storage you use.  You might have the same experience when emptying it and switching bags. Overall, what the Ubbi does is eliminate that every day smell in your nursery and home and it continues to do so without absorbing the smells so you will continue to love it as your family grows.

5) Sleek modern design – This diaper pail is beautiful.  Funny to see the words “beautiful” and “diaper pail” in the same sentence….but it’s true!  It blends into the nursery so nicely in the neutral colors and if you want to add a fun punch of modern color to the room you can choose one of the fun trendy colors.  Decals are also available to decorate it in a matching theme.  The one suggestion I would have for Ubbi is to add a foot pedal.  This would have been convenient in the early months when we were still using the change table but it did help that the lever functions so smoothly.

6) Child lock– My toddler is a little helpie helper whenever he can be so putting his laundry and diaper into the right bin is a fun task for him.  I like how he can easily slide open the top and slam dunk his junk, yet when he is gated in his room on his own for any period of time, I can use the child lock and he stays out.

Wait a minute… didn’t I title this post, 5 reasons I love the Ubbi?  Ummm…okay, so it’s obvious at this point that there are a lot of great features..more than 5 and I could go on.  So perhaps I’ll wrap this up by saying, I would not hesitate to recommend this product.  Ubbi glad you got it!  (Cheesy I know, I just couldn’t resist)

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