Top 5 Friday – Favorite Holiday Albums

Top 5 Friday – Favorite Holiday Albums

This post was supposed to go out last Friday BEFORE Christmas but I guess I forgot to set it!!   Oh well, keep this on your reading list for next year.

Since it’s so close to the Holidays, I thought I’d share the music that makes me feel festive.

Top 5 Holiday Albums

1) Christmas remixed I used to work in a clothing store and our music was sent to us from head office.  Even after hearing this CD on repeat for weeks, year after year as background music while I worked, I am still lovingly calling this a favorite. The remixed songs selected for this album give a unique and upbeat twist on traditional carols that will make you want to ji-ji-ji jingle all the way!

2) Peanuts – Music always takes me somewhere. Any song, artist or album that I spent any amount of time listening to takes me back to a time in my life. This album puts me on a brown corduroy love seat in my living room in 1985… snow falling, watching the Charlie Brown Christmas Special. The beautifully composed classical jazz by Vince Guaraldi is relaxing and makes for perfect background music during an intimate gathering or over dinner.

3) Barenaked for the holidays – A great Canadian band mixes a few originals in with their kooky renditions of traditional carols. I especially love their version of “God Rest Ye Merry Gentleman” with Sarah McLaughlin.

4) The Home Alone Soundtrack This is one of those movies in which the music really makes it.  I love how John Williams blends elements from Tchaikovsky’s, Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy into some of the songs throughout the movie. When I was young I actually performed “Somewhere in my memory” in a choir and this remains one of my favorites from the album.

5) Boney M Christmas Album OR Bing Crosby, White Christmas – These are two classics that I couldn’t decide between!  They both offer a certain familiarity that gives you the warm fuzzies over the holidays.

Happy Holidays everyone!!



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