Woolies Dryer Balls

Woolies Dryer Balls

In pursuit of being a green momma and saving some green while I’m at it, I decided to give dryer balls a try. How exactly are dryer balls “green” you ask? They are non-toxic, chemical free and reduce drying time by about 25% with 4 balls or 45% with 8 balls. Since they are made to last you several years, think of all the packaging and waste you will save by cutting bounce sheets and other fabric softener out of your routine.

Yeah yeah…who cares about all that stuff when the real reason I love them is because they are so much fun! Not just because of the cool designs they come in…(I chose little earths…OMG I love them!!), but they are also fun for Chase! He looks forward to the moment I open the dryer up so he can hunt through the clothes for the soft balls of wool. Once he finds them, he chases them around the laundry room while I switch loads. A great distraction and he is helping mommy! That’s right…teach ’em early to take advantage of child labor benefits!

Aside from all the fun, Stephen was somewhat skeptical when I brought them home and explained what they were for. He is too manly to admit this out loud but he is a bit of a scentsy guy…he likes candles, incense and well…spring fresh bounce dryer sheets! He was impressed that we had the option to get scented dryer balls and was intrigued by the popular scent…”monkey farts”.  I should have known all I had to do was say the word “fart” and my man would be perk up and listen! Anyways, Stephen was a little attached to his bounce dryer sheets and it took some convincing to try these nifty balls of wool instead.

The first thing we noticed, other than what sounded like a war breaking out in my laundry room, was how soft everything was.

We are talking noticeably softer…like rub it against your face because I want to savor the softness softer. I was in love instantly.

Stephen was still skeptical because he thought we’d end up with static but five weeks later we were “shocked” to say there is was no static electricity to report.  I also noticed a big difference in the drying time, especially for our natural fiber cloth diaper loads.

I was quite pleased to pick up my 4 pack from Woolies Dryer Balls. This Canadian company is run by a stay at home mom (us momma’s need to stick together), who has amazing customer service and a satisfaction guarantee. I was especially happy to see them use biodegradable packaging. From what I understand, they will ship anywhere in the world! Check out their website: Woolies Dryer Balls


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