Boredom Boxes for Kids – Video Share

Last year I made some boredom boxes for Chase when he transitioned from napping to quiet time anboredom boxes, boredom, boxd was at home with me for a year of maternity leave.  It took a 30 minute investment of my time to pull together some random miscellaneous toys and activities from around the house and store them in a few boxes from the Dollarama.

They have been a great way to store puzzles and games with busted boxes, thin out the collection of coloring books, rotate some toys to keep them novel and throw some excitement back into the toys that land in the bottom of the bin.  These boxes are meant to keep your kids entertained for independent play and can be boredom box, kids activities, kids stuffcustomized to suit your kids interests.

Here are some great examples of when boredom boxes may come in handy:

  • long car rides
  • visiting family without kids
  • rainy days
  • sick days
  • quiet time
  • general boredom

Think you could use boredom boxes in your life?  Check out my very first video blog where I share the contents of the 5 boredom boxes I made!  (It’s a little long…first take and unedited but will offer some great ideas if you plan to make these)

Click here to read about busy bags  (similar idea but more learning based, homemade activities and a bit messy)


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