Kids Experiment – Making Rain Clouds

We’ve been having fun with kitchen play lately.  I love that kitchen experiments inspire curiosity, learning through sensory play all while developing an early interest in science.  Check out our latest experiment: Making Rain Clouds!

What You Need:

  • Clear cups
  • Measuring cup
  • Water
  • Food coloring
  • Shaving cream (not the gel but the good ‘ol fashioned mousse shaving cream)


  1. Fill the measuring cup with water and allow the kids to pour the water into clear cups, representing the atmosphere
  2. Use a large dollop of shaving cream to create clouds on top of the water in each cup
  3. Allow the kids to drip food coloring into the shaving cream creating a vertical swirl of colorful rain that drips into the water below
  4. Repeat with a variety of colors


  • Use a large measuring cup or clear glass bowl instead of several smaller cups
  • Play with a turkey baster, syringes and eye droppers and shoot the colorful water into smaller bowls
  • Combine different colors of food coloring to make different colors of rain
  • Use the leftover shaving cream along the ledge of the bath tub for some dinky car fun

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