Lego Series – Duplo Marble Maze

Lego Series – Duplo Marble Maze

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Chase came home from daycare one day with a big plan.  A plan to make a maze for his marbles.  He often comes up with fun and cool ideas but needs a little bit of help in figuring out what he can use to bring his idea to life.  After making the suggestion of using Duplo, he was all over it!

This was a fun activity that kept Chase entertained for 20-30 minute intervals over the course of several days.  It was a fun parent-child activity at first but once we got him started, he enjoyed it on his own as well.   It was a great way to experiment with physics and encourage problem solving and trial and error.  It was a lot of fun to watch our little engineer at work and see how the maze would transform each day creating a new adventure for his marbles.

This activity could be altered based on the toys and materials you have on hand but here are some ideas if you love Duplo like us!

  • Duplo works great because it’s tall enough to create a wall for a marble
  • Use a Duplo base plate as a floor for the maze
  • Set up a perimeter along the edge of the base plate
  • We left openings on two diagonal corners
  • Find unique bricks to create obstacles
  • Link two walls together to create a tunnel
  • Experiment with placement of walls to maximize the space on the base plate and create a larger maze
  • Use multiple marbles at a time and have a race
  • Tip the maze to direct the marbles through or guide them through on your own
  • Use a pom pom or Styrofoam ball and use a straw to blow them through the maze

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