Lego Series – Quick & Easy Alphabet Block Matching Game

Lego Series – Quick & Easy Alphabet Block Matching Game

Ilego, mega blocks, letters, alphabet, learning, activity, matching cannot believe that Chase starts school this September.  Where does the time go? I am quite impressed with the series of orientation activities that the school board hosts to help prepare kids and parents for this big milestone.  One of the things we received was a list of skills and activities that would be ideal for kids to master prior to starting school so they can get off on the right foot.  One of them is letter recognition and matching upper and lower case letters.  Chase knows his letters and phonics but I had never tested his ability to match the upper and lower cases together.  Since Chase received a giant crayon filled with mega blocks for his birthday, I had enough big blocks outside his building sets to pull aside for making this Pinterest inspired alphabet matching activity.  It was super easy to pull together and Chase had a ton of fun.  It kept him occupied for over an hour.  We stashed the letter blocks in a baggie and have it stored with his other games and busy bags.

What You Need:

Write upper and lower case letters on same size bricks of mismatching colors with a permanent marker.  Place in a bag and shake to mix.  Empty contents on floor and let the matching begin!  Use the bag for storage.

Ideas to make the game more challenging:

  • sort blocks by upper & lower case before you begin
  • when matching place the upper case letters on top
  • set a timer and try to beat your record for matching
  • line up the alphabet in the correct order
  • spell names & other sight words by stacking vertically


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