Simple Kitchen Play – Making a Rainbow

Today I’m sharing another great simple kitchen experiment for kids.  All you need is a bag of skittles and you can make a rainbow!  We used our leftover skittles from the Halloween candy.  It was a lot of fun watching a rainbow of colors expand across the plate.  Here’s how simple it is:

What you need:

  • wide flat plate
  • a bag of colorful skittles
  • cup with pouring spout i.e. measuring cup
  • water


  1. Arrange skittles in a circle on the plate ensuring there is plenty of space in the middle of the circle
  2. Fill the measuring cup with water
  3. Pour a little water over the skittles, just enough to get them all wet
  4. Watch the rainbow grow towards the center of the plate
  5. Eat leftover candy!

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