25 things I love…

25 things I love…

I found a fun writing prompt that inspired today’s post.  Since it’s Valentine’s Day I thought I’d take some time to reflect on some of the things I love the most.  Finish this sentence in 25 different ways:

I love…

  1. my children (even at 3 am)
  2. to see my two boys playing together
  3. to watch Chase’s imagination unfold
  4. to be the one who makes everything better when my children are upset
  5. to have a good laugh…the kind that makes your cheeks hurt, leaves you keeled over icat, heart, shadow, valentinen pain with tears running down your face…yeah that kind!
  6. smores…what’s not to love about smores?
  7. to be planning something – a dinner, an outing, our next adventure!
  8. animals, especially my adorable kitties
  9. to spend time with my Mom who I appreciate more and more with each passing year
  10. deep and soulful conversation that never runs dry
  11. a glass of red wine…maybe a Malbec or a Cabernet Sauvingnon and even better when paired with #10
  12. the beach…it truly is my happy place
  13. learning new things
  14. the Kardashians (I know, I know… it’s my guilty pleasure)
  15. the great outdoors – hiking, camping, parks, travel, nature
  16. pulling on a soft cozy pair of chenille socks…it’s like walking on clouds
  17. relaxing around the backyard bonfire and even better when paired with #6 and #11
  18. listening to music that: a) makes me want to groove b) makes me feel like I can conquer the world c) makes me cry
  19. driving with the sun roof open especially when paired with #18
  20. a great fitting pair of jeans – the kind that make you feel great no matter what angle you look in the mirror
  21. a big disorganized mess, because then I have the exciting challenge of organizing (I’m not kidding)
  22. Reese peanut butter cups…I should have moved this a little higher on the list
  23. long drives off the beaten path; it’s incredible the hidden treasures you find when taking the road less traveled
  24. coffee, this is an essential to enjoying #1 through #4
  25. my friends who continuously show me unconditional love and support

This was a fun exercise and I could have kept going…what’s on your list?



  1. Michelle - February 14, 2016

    Come to my house! I can knock quite a few off that list!!❤

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