Fluff Mail

Fluff Mail

Ahhhh… there is nothing quite like the joy and excitement that comes from receiving a package! Sometimes I notice Sears packages or UPS envelopes sitting unopened at friends houses. I don’t understand it…how can you NOT open it the minute you get it in your hands? It takes everything within me to stop myself from saying, “Are you gonna open that? Here…allow me!” I remember when the wall decals for Chase’s nursery arrived by Purolator while I was still pregnant. There was no pregnancy ailment that could keep me from jumping out of bed as fast as I did when that doorbell rang at 9am. Hair disheveled, bra-less and sporting my hello kitty PJ’s, I opened that door to the courier without an ounce of shame. Well today under much more normal circumstances, my fluff mail arrived!  

fluff mail – [fluhf-meyl] noun

1. The receipt of cloth diapers or diaper related supplies by mail, courier or other form of delivery i.e. I was so excited to receive fluff mail today that I almost peed my pants 

This is what I ordered:

1) 1 Bum Genius flip diaper in pink Zinnia and two flip organic cotton inserts (No, I’m not planning on having Chase get in touch with his feminine side this early… this is a gift for a friend who just had a newborn baby girl! Although after seeing how cute a pink diaper is, I am pretty tempted to keep it just for me…you know, to use when I am waiting for my next shipment of fluff mail to arrive.)
2) A 50 pack of Grovia disposable/biodegradable cloth diaper inserts
3) 2 Grovia stay dry organic cotton-hemp soaker pads
4) 1 Bum Genius Freetime diaper in aqua mirror
5) A Bum Genius diaper sprayer (Originally, I smugly ordered a diaper sprayer off eBay for 99 cents only to find out that it didn’t come with the proper plumbing hardware for installation. After trips to local hardware stores and a few calls to the plumber, I decided to give in and purchase the more costly version that’s ready to use.)

When I first decided to cloth diaper I spent a lot of time watching diaper reviews on YouTube. The amateur videos posted by regular old moms were the most helpful because it provided not just the great features of a diaper, but the down and dirty…so to speak. It made my decisions when I was diaper shopping so much easier and gave me realistic expectations when I put them to use.  Be sure to check out YouTube as a cloth diapering resource!


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  1. Tracy - March 15, 2012

    Congrats on the fluff mail!

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