Reasons I Love The Trunki Suitcase – Fab Find Friday

Reasons I Love The Trunki Suitcase – Fab Find Friday

Lets face it, kids love anything with wheels.  When Chase was young he would much rather push the stroller than sit in it and he’s come close to taking strangers babies for a walk in the mall.  Suitcases, shopping carts, dollies, luggage racks…the list goes on!  So when I saw there was a toddler suitcase that doubled as a ride on…I jumped all over that!  There’s something about that function meets play combo that always gets me.

So here’s why we love the Melissa & Doug trunki:

1) It’s durable.  This thing gets pulled, pushed, dragged up steps, inside and outside and has held up pretty darn good for 4 years so far.  I am getting ready to pass it onto my youngest son soon so I am interested to see how many additional years it will last.

2) Most luggage sits in a closet when not in use.  Not this one…there are so many ways to play with it!  Some days Chase would fill his trunki with stuffed animals and other days it would be overflowing with cars and trucks.   This thing has been pushed through every room and hallway in the house.  I’d give him rides on it before bed or he’d just jump on, grab the horns and go for a ride himself.

3)There are lots of options for comfortable transport.  There’s a nice long shoulder strap which when detached on one side, becomes the pull strap. There are also handles for grab and go.  There are horns that Chase holds quite comfortably when he’s riding or being pulled. You can purchase an optional saddle to gain easy access zipper pockets and to allow for a more comfortable ride.

4) We had the opportunity to fly with this airline approved luggage and the attached luggage tag came in handy.  The locking feature ensured the contents stayed inside securely.  Considering the time we spent in the airport with suitcases, it provided some entertainment for Chase and was a mode of transportation for him when we were navigating the airport.

5) It’s a decent size.  We couldn’t get all of Chase’s clothes, diapers and toiletries in it but we could fit all of his clothes for a 5 day trip OR diapers & toiletries combined.  You definitely have to bring another bag of some kind but I have enough stuff to bring that there’s no way I could get away with one bag for Chase anyways.  Although not large enough to stand alone on a large trip, I find it to be the right size for weekends and overnights while being compact enough to fit on the floor in the backseat of the car.


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