Top 5 Friday – Most Loved Baby Gear – Under 3 Months Old

Top 5 Friday – Most Loved Baby Gear – Under 3 Months Old

As I continued to sort and purge old baby gear last week, I was left thinking about our most used and most loved baby items.  Here’s a quick post to share our most loved baby gear for under 3 months of age:

1)  Breast Pump – What would I have done without this bad boy?  Not just for relieving my giant boulders but also for relieving the stress of being tied down 24/7 to a feeding infant.  For me, it was extremely intimidating to get started but once I did, there’s no question that I would rank this piece of baby gear at #1!

2) Microwave Sanitizer – I wasn’t a crazy germ-a-phobe by any means but I did use this regularly to sanitize the parts of my breast pump since I was terrified of getting thrush.  I’d throw in the soothers once a week or so as well.  I could probably count on one hand the number of bottles Chase has had in his life but we did sanitize the parts whenever we did offer one within the first 2 months.  I also liked having this for one-time sanitizing of bottles, teethers, toys etc. as they came out of the package or as I received them from other families.  Although we didn’t use it for long, it made life so much easier when we did.

3)  Muslin blankets – We tried both the Aden & Anais and the Lulujo brands. This is a LOVE LOVE LOVE! These blankets are 100% organic muslin cotton and get softer with every wash.  They are a perfect size (I hate itty bitty receiving blankets) and have a nice stretch to them making them perfect for swaddling.  I found they were also a great size to drape over the stroller canopy to block out stimulation and light. Since the muslin cotton is a light open weave, they eliminate the concern of smothering and are so lightweight they fold up to almost nothing when stashing them in the baby bag.  This purchase was worth every penny!

4)  Play mat – We used our play mat once Chase was awake more often and no longer a sleepy newborn.  It was a great place to keep him occupied while I tended to a chore in the same room and we had lots of engaging play together on the mat during tummy time.  We got his first roll and his biggest giggles and smiles while on the mat.  It was nice to have a place to put him outside of baby wearing or a bed of some kind.  I wasn’t particularly attached to our mat so we did end up selling it but I know it will be super easy to score another when the time comes.

OMG, Chase was teeny here! A good shot of the mobile.

5) Travel musical mobile – I don’t know what we would have done without this.  It seemed like we were blessed with a quiet content baby but I honestly think it was due to the magical powers of the Tiny Love musical travel mobile. There was time I thought it might be broken considering it had endured both of my nieces and a few months of our everyday use.  The on switch was starting to seize but thankfully a little WD40 did the trick and this rare gem is sitting in storage ready for a 4th round.  The mobile we used had an elastic type band that secured with Velcro.  It could be used on anything from a playpen, crib, bassinet or play mat but we kept ours on the infant car carrier full-time.  It played the most beautiful classical music that even after hearing it a gazillion times, still brought a sense of peace.  It had 4 arms that featured black and white patterns and faces on one side and rotated as the music played.  Once past the newborn stage we flipped the arms over to reveal dangling plush bugs that were otherwise secured by Velcro to the arms.


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