Top 5 friday – Sippy Tips!

Top 5 friday – Sippy Tips!

To complement my recent review of sippy cups, this weeks top 5 Friday is all about sippy tips!

1) Check the straw – This tip comes from a seasoned mommy of two!  Often if the valve is propped open from a straw jammed in too far, the liquid will leak.  Loose spout and valve parts in sippy cups will also cause leaking so be sure everything is attached securely.

Our “everything to feed baby” cupboard

2) Creative storage idea–  Use a wire basket screwed to your cupboard door or hanging off the overhead shelf to free up cupboard space when storing sippy cups.

3) Sippy Swap – What works for you doesn’t always work for your neighbor so mommies….lets come together for the greater good and share your sippy cups to support the try before you buy experience.  Save money and save packaging!

4) Assemble your cups – There is nothing more annoying than a toddler wrapped around your leg whining for his “baba” while you fidget to assemble sippy pieces.  Get those cups ready to go right out of the dishwasher or sink!

Oxo Tot cleaning brushes

5)  Invest in good cleaning brushes – The dishwasher will often leave behind milk chunks in the straws of sippy cups so I scooped up this innovative Oxo product as soon as I came across it.  I swear I am not a spokesperson for Oxo, I am just their biggest fan!

So there you have it, sippy survival 101!  I hope you’ve found this helpful :p


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