You know you have mommy-brain when….

You know you have mommy-brain when….

I swear I lost brain cells in the birthing process…I get so frustrated with my own stupidity sometimes. I find myself forgetting stuff or missing things that I never would have before I had a child. Trust me men…the condition known as mommy brain? It’s not a hoax nor is it an excuse. It is 100% real.

You know you have mommy-brain when:

  • You can recall a conversation and all the details about what was said, but for the life of you cannot remember who you had the conversation with
  • You remember an entire sequence of events but question if it really happened or if you just dreamt it
  • You skip crucial words in the of a sentence
  • While sharing a story with someone you trail off only to find yourself with no memory of……aww crap…
  • You start using words incorrectly
  • You can’t remember the word you’re looking for to describe something
  • When calling your husband for dinner you use everyone else’s name in the house first….cha, gret, mo, Stephen!
  • You lay everything you need to take with you right beside the door so you won’t forget, then you walk by them on your way out and don’t even notice.
  • Since you have mommy brain you tell yourself that next time you will write it down…. then you forget that you promised yourself you would do that
  • You are proud because you finally remembered to write it down and added an appointment to your calendar, then you forget to check your calendar on the day of the appointment.
  • You put something in a special place so you will remember where it is, but then forget where the special place is
I’d love to keep this list going…share your case of mommy brain in the comments


  1. Unknown - November 23, 2012

    OK I had a mommy brain moment this morning. My husband is on Daddy daycare 5 days a week while I work. He's a night owl and still works 2 full time jobs so I like to let him sleep in as much as possible which leaves me alone to get me and baby ready for the day. I was a bit behind this morning and changed our 1 year old and rushed out the door. At 9:30am I get a text asking where the dirty diaper from this morning was. It wasn't in the kitchen garbage as there was no bag…not in the bathroom garbage…hadn't fallen behind the change table and not on any counters. At 1:30 I got a text with a photo of the missing diaper in my son's closet and was told the closet now STINKS :O I guess I was multitasking while picking out my son's clothes for the day and left the diaper! GROSS but yay for me not having to deal with that 😉

  2. MrsV - December 3, 2012

    Not only do I use words incorrectly but I also leave words out of sentences when speaking, then try to correct myself and look like an even bigger fool! No one has said anything but I can see it on people's faces when they notice lol

    This whole list could be used to describe me these days 😉

  3. Sarah Barah - December 3, 2012

    LOL! Good thing you found the diaper when you did! I'm glad you could relate to everything on the list, MrsV! So I'm not alone in all this!! A friend shared with me that she spends time looking for things that she 's holding in her hand, or can't find her glasses when they're on her face! LOL!

  4. Sarah Barah - December 28, 2012

    Oooo…oooo…got another one! You know you have mommy brain when your order your Holiday cards to read 2013 when it's still 2012!!

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