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Eternal Optimist | Nature Lover | Adventurist | Foodie | Domestic Diva

My name is Sarah and I am a-type.  You know… an a-type personality.  I’m the one who always has a list – or 4 or 5 lists – or a list of my lists so I can keep track of my lists.  Being stagnant is not an option.  I must keep moving… planning what comes next both on a daily basis, at work, and in life in general.  I’m the one who has the big ideas, leaving everyone around me in my dust, as I set off to conquer them.  I often accomplish what I set out to do, but what no one sees are the struggles I face on the way there.  I am my own worst critic and set personal goals and standards that often align with the superwoman persona that I have somehow created for myself.  In the eyes of others, I seem to have it all together.  They think I have a secret – that I know something and haven’t shared it.  What they don’t know is that I am constantly struggling to keep it all together – especially as a working mom of two boys.

Well, I am a believer of keeping it real.  No need to pretend we are something we are not.  We all face the same struggles, we just experience it differently… me as an a-type personality.

My blog is about finding balance in life and how I do that by living in the moment with my children, building soulful connections with the people I love, positive thinking, taking time to appreciate nature, and the simple things that bring me joy.

One of the things that has brought me the most joy since its creation is Instagram.  It’s been a creative outlet and a way for me to capture what I find beautiful while serving as a timeline for my family over the last few years.  I used to enjoy learning about photography and got suited up with a fancy camera, but what I’ve found is that the moment would be lost by the time I grabbed it.  Now I’m able to capture the candid moments with my iPhone camera and share them as a “latergram.”  Those photos always have a story, and that is what inspires the writing on my blog.

Model Behaviour  Jude

My Boys

Chase is my oldest son… 4 going on 20.  He is clever, curious and creative.  Quite possibly a mini a-type in the making.

Small but mighty, Jude is my oh-so-adorable baby boy who loves his big brother. He’s a bit of a tough crowd, but Chase always seems to have him smiling and laughing with his silly antics.