Breastfeeding’s Best Kept Secret

Breastfeeding’s Best Kept Secret

I was never the little girl who dreamed of an elaborate wedding, a white dress or even a prince charming. Me…I always knew I would be a mommy some day. That was my dream.  I remember having conversations with friends years before actually being ready to start a family. We would talk about what kind of parents we thought we might be, the values we wanted to teach our children, and all of our hopes and dreams….*insert loud record scratch here*

What we didn’t talk about was nipple blisters. That’s right people….oozing, bloody, cracked, raw nipples and how about the toe curling pain that sets in when lo latches on to breastfeed.  I had the opportunity to experience these wonderful sensations I describe after 2 feedings with my newborn. I had nurses and lactation consultants on standby to confirm my lo was latched properly but they claimed he was a strong sucker and that the acidity from his saliva could be causing this common discomfort. The next morning my doctor prescribed me a cream that she claimed to be breast-feedings best kept secret. I was skeptical but promptly sent my husband to the apothecary. He returned with a concoction that contained moisturizer for soothing and preventing cracks, medicine to heal the blisters and pain reliever to allow comfortable nursing while the existing damage was healing. It was also safe for lo so there was no need to wipe it off prior to nursing. After just one application I was shouting, “It’s a miracle!”, up to the hospitals ceiling tiles! In fact, I believe this miracle to be the only reason I am still breastfeeding today. So what is this concoction I claim to be a miracle?

Jack Newman all-purpose nipple ointment, appropriately named after its creator whose a doctor working out of the International Breastfeeding Center in Toronto, Canada.

So why the heck is this a best-kept-secret anyways? I would like to extend my shouting from the hospital room to all the mothers out there who are seriously struggling with these issues. Spread the word mamas and sore nipples…prepare for your demise!

Jack Newman’s Breastfeeding Resource Site


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